Team Penning is one of the fastest growing western horse sports in North America, and D & D Stables is proud to be part of the fast paced action and excitement. This is a sport for men, women and children of all ages. We are all here to enjoy the companionship that we have with our horses and team mates.

Practice Team Penning every Sunday starting at 12 Noon with a JACKPOT to follow!

D & D Stables sponsers AQHA Sanctioned Events such as: Team Penning/Ranch Sorting/Barrel Racing.


This fast paced, exciting event gives a team of three riders 60 seconds to separate three specifically numbered cattle from a herd of thirty. After the necessary cattle have been separated they must be driven into a small pen located at the opposite end of the arena. And, to make things more difficult, no more than four cattle are allowed across the foul line at one time, nor more than two of the wrong number, or the team is automatically disqualified. Teamwork is of the essence; individuals must work together like a finely tuned machine to achieve the desired result – the fastest time with the most cattle penned.

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