Beginners and experts, young and old, are welcome to test their horse's skills at D & D Stables Ranch Sorting events. Ranch Sorting is good training and exercise for you and your horse. This popular sport will improve your horse's performance, cow sense and overall well-being. You too will be challenged to read the cows, cut-out your number and keep the herd under control.

Practice Ranch Sorting every Friday night starting at 6:30PM.

D & D Stables is a offical producer for the Ranch Sorting Nationial Championships - RSNC

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Ranch Sorting is rapidly becoming the #1 Equine Family Sport as an event the entire family can participate in.

Ranch Sorting is a team of two riders, 60 seconds and eleven head of cattle that are numbered from 0 through 9 with one additional cow left unnumbered. The contest is performed in two pens with an opening between them. As the riders cross through the opening between the pens, they are given a number and the time begins. Their job is to sort the cattle in numerical order, starting with the assigned number, into the opposite pen. The fastest time on the most head correctly sorted wins.

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